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Tax Consulting

The enormous complexity of tax law coupled with the constant changes made by legislators, courts and the tax authorities represents a huge challenge for all involved. Foreign tax issues also often complicate the decision-making process further.

Our job is to do what is almost impossible for most companies and individuals: maintain an overview.

Together with you, we develop sustainable, efficient solutions that retain the flexibility needed to meet future challenges. When dealing with cross-border tax issues we can draw on the expertise of a network of highly-qualified tax specialists. This provides the foundation for comprehensive and tailor-made advice for all tax matters.

Our Services

Tax Consulting for Companies

  • Tax Consulting and Planning
  • Planning for Company Mergers and Restructuring
  • Implementation of Financing Structures
  • National and International Tax Advice
  • Representation before the Tax Authorities

Tax Consulting for Individuals

  • Completion of Tax Returns
  • Tax Optimization and Structuring
  • Advice on Lump-Sum Taxation
  • Advice on Wealth Structuring
  • Representation before the Tax Authorities